Rama Glaze

Rama Glaze

We also manufacture pipes with grooves directly rolled into the pipe ends. This is achieved using a new processing station which mainly consists of two automatic groove rolling systems which clamp the pipe, turn it and thereby produce the groove using hydraulically controlled sets of rollers.

The economic advantage compared with weld-on grooved sockets results from the saving in costs incurred for preparing separately turned pipe ends and for welding them to the pipe. This type of pipe is especially suitable for the transport of water, air or solid matter under the rugged conditions prevailing on construction sites, which necessitate swift and easy connection of pipes using commercially available couplings without any special tools.

The groove is compatible with all commercially available couplings, fittings and fasteners. These pipes are preferred for use in the construction of Sprinkler systems, in the construction of ducts for air as well as for cooling or service water, in mining and civil engineering, e.g. for dewatering systems, carbon and mud pipelines etc. as well as in agricultural applications for irrigation plants.

Grooved systems not only Surpass performance expectations and deliver value, quality and dependability but also eliminates costly fire watch and hazardous flames and fumes during installation and maintenance with the no-flame joining method.

Generally, made of hot dipped, galvanized steel, which offers long-term corrosion resistance, it won't rot, absorb moisture, split, splinter, swell, warp or burn, thereby providing considerable life-cycle cost savings. While weighing less than the average wood scaffold plank, steel scaffolding is stiffer over any given span, reducing bounce and providing a more stable platform. Steel Scaffold Tubes, black, 48.3 mm O.D., mild steel, continous weld and 40 mm. N. B. 'Medium' and 'Heavy' class steel tubes conform to IS 1161-1979/1239, BS 1139/1775. These are made available in random lengths of 4.5 M to 6M or of required cut length painted in desired colour.
Application Areas
Handrails Columns Posts
Piling Sand-wash Casing
Culverts Fence Caissons
Sign poles Bumpers Bracing
Parking meter posts Towers Supports
48.3 mm 2.9/9
38 mm 2.9/9
60 mm 2.9/9

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