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At Rama, quality is a way of life. Quality, we believe is not an accident, but a systematic approach to long term business. At every stage of steel tube production, we have checks, tests and controls. A large and dedicated term of experts spends all its time and effort in making sure that the product is of the highest grade.
From the arrival of the raw material to the last stage of the manufacturing process – we are fanatic about quality. Through a series of chemical and mechanical tests i.e. the tensile test, flattening test, drift expansion test at a regular interval, and 100% hydraulic test, nothing but the best is finally accepted as a finished product.
Besides the routine in-house testing and inspection, we also ensure the regular visits of Bureau of India Standards for periodical checks/Inspections. Third-party inspections are also carried out at the works by SGS, EIL, Bureau Veritas.
ISO 9001: 2015 Certification : Assured of the quality
Not every company believes in getting an international certification. At Rama we wanted ourselves to be independently tested and verified for our systems and quality control. We acknowledge the need to benchmark ourselves to global standards. If we have to complete in the world markets. With this in mind, we applied and got the ISO 9001:2015 certification. With this certification, the customer is assured of the quality of our products, batch after batch and order after order.
Not satisfied with a certification in process, we have constantly interacted with the Bureau of Indian Standards, the official Indian government body of quality control. We have their certification for each of our products, and the mark is prominently carried on each of our pipes.

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