Rama Steel Tubes Ltd. has its state-of-the-art plant in the industrial belt of Sahibabad, about 10km from the Indian capital, New Delhi & third plant is situated in Mumbai. It is perhaps the best plant producing steel pipes like black steel pipes, black steel tubes, etc. with the hi-tech machinery and sophisticated testing equipment. The company has a strong and extensively experienced staff whose expertise goes into the making of the products.

The company works hard to maintain the quality of its products and at every stage of its production has meticulous checks, tests and controls. A large and dedicated quality-control team spends all its time and effort in making sure that the products are of the highest grade. 

Today, Rama Steel Tubes Ltd. has found place in several sectors ranging from the railways and the army to power plants, telecom applications and irrigation projects. All due to the best quality products and on-time delivery which the company strictly adhers to in order to maintain a cordial and growing relationship with its clients.

Rama Steel Tubes Ltd. are equipped with the latest and modern equipment in pipe such as Tensile Test, Flattening Test, Drift Test, Crushing Test, Bend Test and Hydrostatic Testing.

For us, Quality is the foremost aspect in developing good customer relations; therefore, Each and every pipe is hydrostatically tested and straightened before it is dispatched from our plant. Mill Test Certificate is provided with each Supply.

At HRama Steel, We possess SIX 4-Hi cold Rolling mills with state of the art automization done by ABB. As a result, Thickness is close to nominal through Auto Gauge Control (AGC), Better grain structure due to higher reduction, Uniform properties of the total coil length through elongation control during skin pass.

High productivity through higher speed upto 500 metres per minute and auto slowdown. Coil beaks is almost absent because of bridle arrangement. Hence, High productivity with high precision is the key to our success.