HFIW Process

Rama Steels products are manufactured by the High Frequency Induction Welding (HFIW) process. The manufacturing process also known as the cold forming process (non - expanded) used HR and HRPO strips, sourced from modern hot strip mills. In the manufacturing process, the coil slits goes through the MIG welder while a steady flow is assured from the horizontal / vertical coil accumulator. Cold embossing is done at the beginning of the stage with the Rama Steels seal of quality / reliability.

HR coils are used to manufacture steel tubes and pipes. The coils are used are first slitted into strip of desired sizes to manufacture different sizes of pipes. Strip move through entry guide, strip leveler and pass through the tube forming sections where a conventional "U" shape is given. After this, the strip passes through final forming sections (FIN set rolls) and shapes as rounded followed by the High Frequency Induction Welding (HFIW) at the edges to complete the weld formation including its heat effected zone. 

External heat projection (slags), which is generally called as weld bead are then removed along with the contour of the pipe to get a smooth uninterrupted surface. Similarly, the internally projection of the weld shall also be removed by the same process whenever its needed.

After this process the pipes passes through cooling zone where its cooled down by spraying RO water. The oval shapes tubes passes through the sizing stands where the sizes of the product is controlled as per buyer needs and specification norms. Pipe is then cut into desired lengths by friction / cold saw cutter.